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School Spirit!

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The U of T Bookstore sells, on average, 30,000 t-shirts & 15,000 hoodies a year!

Survey Says…

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When surveyed about food choice influences, 52% of students placed price as #1, while %48 placed healthy food above price. No students reported sustainability or local food as a top factor.

Seal of Sustainablity

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University of Toronto is one of the first institutions to be certified by Local Food Plus. $152,000 spent on organic milk; $55,000 on tomatoes; $37,000 certified beef.

Waste not. Want not.

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Mandatory trayless dining at New College has reduced food waste by approximately 170 pounds per day!

Crazy Commuters!

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On average, every morning over 35,000 students commute to school, and get off at Spadina, St. George, Museum, and Queen’s Park to get to their classes.

Stop Sign Confusion

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Started in 1915 and standardized in 1922, the unique eight-sided shape allowed drivers facing the back of the sign to identify that oncoming drivers have a stop sign and prevent confusion with other traffic signs.


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Office space typically requires 175 to 250 sq ft per person. In comparison, curbside parking requires 200 sq ft per vehicle, and garages require 300 to 350 sq ft per vehicle.

Curb Appeal

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Curbside parking meters were actually introduced in 1935 by an Oklahoma City department store owner. He wanted to increase parking turnover so that there would always be spaces available for his customers.